Gallagher, Rory - Ghost Blues (The Story Of) (2010)\

Gallagher, Rory 1974 & 1975 - DKRC TV Show, Los Angeles_DVD_NTSC - SOUND UPGRADE synced\

Gallagher, Rory 1979-01-27 Rock Goes To College dvd

Gallagher, Rory 1981 Self Aid & Live La Taverne De L'Olympia 1971

Gallagher, Rory 1987 Vienna

Gallagher, Rory Mini Concert France 1980 + 35minuten

Gallagher, Rory Savoy and Whistle Test nieuw

Gallagher, Rory The Beat Club Sessions 1971-72\

Gallagher, Rory-1974 Irish Tour Restored and Remastered (2011) also DTS\

Gallagher, Rory-1975 On French TV\

Gallagher, Rory-1975-03-07 Milan AVI\

Gallagher, Rory-1976 Old Grey Whistle Test\

Gallagher, Rory-1977-01-19 London\

Gallagher, Rory-1978-08-18+1982-01-16PAL-DVD3.53GB\

Gallagher, Rory-1979 Montreux\

Gallagher, Rory-1979 Rockpalast\

Gallagher, Rory-1980 Zurich\

Gallagher, Rory-1985 Montreux AVI\

Gallagher, Rory-1990-03-30 Ohne Filter\

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