Free 1968-1971 In Session Tonight [SBD]\
Free 1969-04-XX Au Golf Drouot Paris France [AUD]\
Free 1969-07-24 Boston Tea Party [SBD]\
Free 1969-09-00 San Francisco, Winterlan
Free 1970-11-29 Vienna\
Free 1970.07.10 Two Years Of Free(Disc2) Germany\
Free 1970.12.12 Stockholm (Radio Free) [SBD]\
Free 1970.12.22 The Syndrome (Reel to Reel) [AUD]\
Free 1971.01.16 Fillmore West SF [AUD]\
Free 1971.01.19 Pirate World (Liverpool1971) [AUD]\
Free 1971.01.22 Santa Monica (Rock Me Stealer) [AUD]\
Free 1971.05.01 Two Years Of Free(Disc1) Japan\
Free 1972-04-30 Tampa FL - At Last Stage\
Free 1972-05-06 New York, NY\
Free 1972-10-14 Bracknell Sports Center\
Free 1972.02.20 Stoke 1972 [AUD]\
Free 1972.09.14 Scotland(kossoff's Birthday)[AUD]\
Free Allright Now, Island UK EP IEP6 1978  Single Version
Free Rabbits and Lions
Free rock me stealer\
Free Unbroadcasted BBC