Waits, Tom-1999-07-21 The Hague\

Waits, Tom-2004-11-21 Amsterdam\

Wake For Maarten Luther King-1968-04-07\

Walker, Joe Louis-1991-06-03 Stuttgart, SWF\

Walsh, Joe & Cliff, Jimmy-1975Nov26DKRC_DVD\

Waterboys-The Silent tree TV 1993-1983\

Waters, Roger 2015 The Wall mkv

White House Blues\

Winwood, Steve & Band-2007-05-19 Highclere Castle, Countryside Rocks\

Winwood, Steve 2013-07-13 Rotterdam

Withers, Bill-1973 BBC In Concert\

Wyman, Bill'Rythm Kings 1998 2 meter sessions incl interview Mick Jagger 2003