Willy DeVille

TV Appearances Vol. 2


01. Interview Gurrie van Brug-Top 2000 Dutch TV

02. Spanish Stroll (1977)-Top 2000 Dutch TV

03. Interview Willy-Dutch TV

04. Miracle-Dutch TV

05. Mark Knopfler about Willy-Sky TV

06. Storybook Love (w/ Mark Knopfler)-Sky TV

07. Spanish Stroll-TV Gold

08. I Broke That Promise-Dutch TV

09. Each Word's Beat Of My Heart-Source unknown

10. Pick Up The Pieces-Source unknown

11. Love & Emotion-Source unknown

12. Interview-German TV, German spoken with some

music in between

13. Willy signing a lp for a fan

14. Hello My Lover-L'Emission French TV

15. Stand By Me-L'Emission, French TV