A Profile Of Van Morrison by Marianne Faithful BBC 2\

Archive on 4 - Gloria and Me

A Sense Of Blue\


Ad Astra\


And Others Compilation\

And The Healing Has Begun\

Appreciation For Van Morrison-BBC One Paul Gambaccini\

Astral Weeks Live\

Astral weeks 5.1 mix

Autumn Songs\

B sides\


Back On Top Live\

BBC Classic Tracks\

Beautiful Visions Outtakes\

Bedroom Tapes\

Belfast Cowboy (ABC Radio National)\


Blues Buddies\


Bob Shines His Light On Van Morrison\

Boo Zoo\


Caladonia Soul Music (1 song)\

Caledoneon Impressions\

Catalog Strays\

Choppin' Wood Album\

CHRIS BARBER - Leader of the Band

Classic Irish Albums BBC Broadcast 2014

Compilation by Cor van der Giessen\

Covering Van\

Covers Of October Skies\

Cry For Home (12 Single)\


Die Undeutliche Sprace Des Herzens Vol. 1-3\


Dominion Man\

Down The Road Live\

Duets & More\

Duets John Lee Hooker & Van Morrison - 1972 - 2003\

Duets-w-Bob Dylan\

Eggs & Poetry\

Espania 2002\

Everybody Is Crying\

Evil Genius Vol. 1-14\

Fast Train\


Finest Collection\

Fryslan Misc.-Sampler\

Gem's (5 cd)\

Genuine Philosopher's Stone (JTT)\

Gets His Chance To Wail Vol. 1-3\

Gloria On Stage 1968-1985\

Gloria Unauthorised\

Gypsy Soul-Lost Demos\

Hard Nose The Highway Live\

Hardest To Find Lost Diamonds\

Haunts Of Ancient Peace Live\

Helps Himself\


Here They Come Again (1 song)\


Highlights From Waterfront & Glastonbury\

Hundred (100) Favorites From 30 Albums\

I Love The 90's\

I Paid The Price\

I Shall Sing-Studio Outtakes 1973\

I'm Not Feeling It Anymore vinyl\

In The Garden 1-3\

Instrumentals - (A Compilation 2010)\

Into The Mystic soundboard compilation\

Irish Troubadour (JTT)\

It's Just A Job You Know\

It's Too Late To Stop Now (ACETATES) JTT\

It's Too Late To Stop Now (ACETATES)_CaptainAcidRemaster\

Its A Hard Road 1999\


John Lee Hooker - 1973 - Born In Mississippi, Raised Up In Tennessee (1971) feat. Van Morrison on 2 songs\

Just A Man Compilation Vol. 1

Just A Man Compilation Vol. 2

Just A Man Compilation alt. live mix

Just A Man Vol. 2

Let The Games Begin\

Let's Duet\

Listen To The Lions Inside\

Listen To Van Go\

Little Village compilation\

Live & Obscure, A Period Of Transition\

Live From The Singles\

Live In Europe & More\

Live In The USA\

Live! on CD\

Looney Tunes\

Lost Souls\

Magic Moments - Live Tracks From Van's Web Site Vol 1 - {FLAC}\

Magic Moments 1-5\

Man, Woman, Love, Desire\

Many Faces Of Van\


Mechanical Bliss\

Meditation Levels - The Three CD Set (aud) - {MP3@256}\

Mid '80's in Ireland\

Midi's Van Morrison\

Moody's Mood For Love - 54 Love Songs From Van - LOSSLESS\


Moondance 5.1 mix

Moving Van\

Music For A Living\

Narrates John Lee Hooker\

Nights In Copenhagen, Interview by Allan Jones\

No Stone Unturned\

No Words Necassary\

Nordwestradio (mainly German language)\

Nothing But Soul\

Odds & Ends\

OfficialWebsiteTracks part2\

On Youtube\

One Night Stands\

Op slag van maandag, hubert van hoof\

Outtakes alt.

Outtakes 1\

Outtakes 2\

Outtakes_&_Demos California Sessions\

Plays The Blues\

Poetry - Disk One and Two (2010) FLAC\

Poetry - Disk Three and Four (2010) FLAC\

Rare First Performances And Duets\

Retrospectve, Lugano 1987-2002\

Rhyth & Blues\

Rock & Roll with Van Morrison\

Sausalito Session 75 Don Kirschner's Rock Concert 73\

Sidewalks 1\

Sidewalks 2\

Sidewalks 3\

Songs For The Heart, Songs For The Soul\

Special Deliveries Outtake aso 1966-1997\

Special Performances Vol. 1-3\

Springtime In My Soul\

St. Patricks Day 2006-Compilation by Birgit Schultz\

Standing In The Shadows 1-5\

Step We Gaelic On We Go\

Stray Tracks\

Super Virile-Early 70's Compilation\

Sweet Things\

Take It To The Bridge Compilation w Brian Kennedy\

Talk Is Cheap\

The Astral Weeks Album-Through The Years\

The Band - 1971 - Cahoots [Remastered 2000]\

The Bedroom Tape\

The Best Of 1999 Vol. 1-7\

The Best Of 2000-Vol. 1-5\

The Best Of 2001 Vol. 1-6\

The Best Of 2002 Vol. 1-6\

The Best Of 2003 Vol. 1-9\

The Best Of 2004 Vol. 1-7\

The Best Of 2005 Vol. 1-6\

The Best Of Herman Tulp-Tulpelo Honey\

The Best Of Stokroosje\

The Best Of Vanfan 2006\


The Complete 2010 Compliation Series - {MP3@320}\

The Enlightenment Album-Through The Years\

The Genuine Philosopher's Stone\

The Guest Series Vol. 1-5\

The Healing Game\

The Interview Album (Vinyl 1986)\

The Moondance Album Through The Years\

The Non Concert 2003\

The Philosopher's Alternate Stone's\

The Philosopher's Missing Stones

The Rare 70's Tape\

The Rare 70's Tape Compilation\

The Song Astral Weeks In The 1970's

The Soul Of Ireland, radio broadcast 2014

The Stoned Philosopher\

The Ultimate Boot Collection 1997\

The Unreleased Live Album 2003\

The Unreleased LP\

The Vanlose Blackbird\

Thirty Songs of Faith and Hope\

Title Song A VLS Compilation\

Title Songs SHM (Compilation)\

Too Long in Exile\

Try For More Asleep\

Turn It Ip 70's\

Turn It Ip 80's\

Turn It Ip 90's\

Turning Lead Into Gold-The Best Of 1999\

UK TV Collection 1989-2006 AUDIO\

Unknown 11-02-2004\

Unknown 20-09-2011\

Unknown 21-09-2011\

Unplugged In The Studio\

Unreleased Down The Road\


Van Morrison Astral Weeks

Van Morrison & Bob Dylan - Duets\

Van Morrison & John Lee Hooker\

Van Morrison & John Lee Hooker Gloria (Bunus Live Tracks)\

VAN MORRISON - Fans Cover Van Morrison, Volumes 1 & 2 (remastered & reconfigured)\

Van Morrison and Bob Dylan\

Van Morrison It's Too Late Too Stop Now BBC radio vol. 1-4

Van Morrison Live Limited Collection\

Van Morrison Meets Bob Dylan & John Lee Hooker\

Van Morrison One Irish Rover Soundtrack

Van Morrison, The Band And Robbie Robertson 2010 - {FLAC}\

Van Morrison, Tom Jones, Jeff Beck\

Van the Man Highway High Fi 109 From vinyl\

Van's Gem's Later with Jools Holland\

Vanthology - A Tribute To Van Morrison\


VM Kerouac\


Webside Audio\

Week In The Life 1999\

Weird Ones\

Westwood One Superstar Concert Series\

What's Wrong With This Picture (interview by John Kelly)\

When You Hear The Music Ringing In Your Soul\

Who's Grumpy\

With Or Without His Buddies\

Women Sing The Man\